Clarks Grove resident teaches firearms courses

Published 8:06 pm Wednesday, May 30, 2018

CLARKS GROVE — Clarks Grove resident Dwight DeBoer offers area residents Minnesota permit to carry classes through his business, D & M Firearms Training, which he runs with his wife, Melody, and stepson, Adam Lawler.

DeBoer, a certified firearms instructor, said he teaches about four classes a month. Some of the classes cover everything needed for an eligible Minnesota resident to receive a concealed carry permit. Those particular classes are designed to teach students about the Minnesota statutes surrounding carrying a firearm, including where they can and cannot carry a weapon and how to make sure the weapon is properly secured when leaving it in a motor vehicle.

Those who take the class must also demonstrate they can properly handle and care for a firearm and take a written test before they take a live firing test. The course lasts about four hours and takes place at Oak Grove Gun Club outside of Albert Lea.

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DeBoer said his goal as an instructor is to ensure his students know the laws regarding conceal and carry and how to safely fire a firearm. He hopes students continue with their training even after receiving their certificate of completion for the Minnesota carry concealed weapon class.

“In anything you do in life, you want to take it to the next level,” DeBoer said.

He offers every day carry classes for students who have already taken the introductory course, and he is available for private lessons.

DeBoer said the people who take his classes are as diverse as the number of reasons people take the class. In his third year of teaching, DeBoer said he has seen the number of women in his classes increase. Sometimes they want to carry themselves, and other times they want to be familiar with guns that are already in the home. Some concealed carry students don’t even plan to carry; they simply like that the permit constitutes a permit to purchase in the state of Minnesota.

Ages of those in his class range from 21 to those in their 70s. While some come to the class never having fired a gun, some of the older students have been around guns all their lives, but ma ybe self-taught or taught by those without proper training. DeBoer said he has seen it all.

Those who are interested in learning more about firearms safety classes can visit the D & M Firearms Training Facebook page or call DeBoer at 507-440-1860.