Editorial: Invest in local journalism and in the community

Published 8:16 pm Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Tribune implemented a new paywall system this week on our website, which requires readers to have a subscription to view more than 10 stories a month. 

In addition to these stories, people will be able to view all obituaries and Classified advertisements free of charge, along with stories of public safety importance or life-and-death circumstances.

Though the implementation of a paywall has become common practice for most daily newspapers in Minnesota — and furthermore, for many daily newspapers across the nation — requiring readers to subscribe for the newspaper is not a new practice as this has been done since the creation of newspapers. As technology has evolved, however, and some readers are shifting how they like to read their news, newspapers have eased into online technology.

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Regardless of whether you like to read the newspaper in the traditional print format or online, both formats still require qualified, paid journalists and staff to produce them.

That’s where we ask our readers to invest in our journalists and to, in turn, invest in the community.

Our journalists attend city council and school board meetings, report on crime and crashes and delve into issues that impact the community. We work to always spread the truth, without speculation and sensationalizing, and to provide more in-depth coverage than you can find anywhere else.

In a time where we are bombarded on social media with articles, photos and videos posed as real news, having solid journalism has never been more valuable, and we hope our community will support this effort.

People who are already print subscribers can access all of the stories on the website for only $1 a month. With the paywall subscription, readers also get access to the E-edition, which allows you to read the newspaper in the same format it appears to print readers but on your phone, computer or other device. Subscribers are notified daily when the E-edition is ready to view.

People who are not print subscribers can have access to the website and the E-Edition for $6 a month.

Online subscribers will no longer be asked to take Google surveys and will not have takeover advertisements.

Please contact Circulation Manager Melissa Goodwin at 379-3421 to get signed up.