Letter: Vote out the right candidates 

Published 9:52 pm Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Tuesday’s editorial on nothing getting done for Minnesota citizens seems to indicate that the Republicans were the big problems and we should vote them out.

The editorial board fails to mention that since the governor is not running for re-election, he has been able to make decisions based on what is good for the Democratic Party and not what is good for the people of Minnesota. His veto of the House and Senate operating budget was a political move that cost taxpayers lots of money in legal fees for both sides.

His appointment of a poorly qualified replacement for Al Franken’s Senate seat was meant as a political move to strengthen the Democratic Party position in the Minnesota Senate by eliminating a Republican one-vote majority. The governor should have been looking for the best qualified person to represent us, not a novice that would just give Amy Klobuchar two votes in the Senate. The governor’s position was “Give me what I want or I will veto it; I am not running for re-election so I don’t care what it means to people of the state.”

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I guess the last statement in the editorial about voting those responsible out can be read as vote the Democratic candidate out or you can expect more political games that will be supported by their editorials.

John Forman

Albert Lea