Naeve Health Care Foundation announces gift 

Published 12:48 pm Sunday, May 20, 2018

Naeve Health Care Foundation has awarded a gift to Mayo Clinic Health System for 55 years, according to a press release. This year is no exception, as the foundation has gifted Mayo Clinic Health System with an additional $215,000 that will help provide new and improved opportunities of care for residents in Albert Lea.

“Our mission is to support local health care and we carefully consider the best options to support and ensure our local care,” said Sue Loch, president of the Naeve Health Care Foundation. “The Foundation is intentional about choosing to support projects that will benefit our local community.”

The projects will also help Mayo Clinic Health System bring new programs and opportunities to Albert Lea. They include:

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• Fountain Centers: new outdoor recreation space and a smoking cessation program

• Albert Lea clinic: ultrasound carpal tunnel program

• Albert Lea Hospice: music therapy

• Podiatry department: patient exam chair

• Dermatology department: phototherapy full-body booth

“These gifts given by the foundation will enhance outpatient services that are offered by Mayo Clinic Health System and will promote state of the art programs for our patients,” said board member Diane Clark.

“Over the years, the Naeve Health Care Foundation has given over $3,700,000 to Albert Lea,” Loch said. “We want to thank our donors and benefactors and NHCF board members who have helped us make this legacy of giving continue.”

Naeve Health Care Foundation is an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation supporting local health care through gifts to Mayo Clinic Health System in Albert Lea.