2018 Minnesota Future Farmers of America Convention area winners

Published 8:08 pm Friday, June 8, 2018

Career development events and leadership development events for the 2018 Minnesota Future Farmers of America Convention have been reviewed and are finalized. Following the Minnesota FFA Convention, top-ranked teams and individuals have the opportunity to compete in the National FFA event during the 91st National FFA Convention and Expo in October in Indianapolis. Area winners are listed below.


Agricultural mechanics

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Individual placements

Levi Wicks, fourth place, Albert Lea

Kevin Smeby, seventh place, Albert Lea


Team ranking

Albert Lea chapter, fourth place/gold


Team member placing

Levi Wicks, fourth place/gold, Albert Lea

Kevin Smeby, seventh place/gold, Albert Lea

Aiden Milliorn, 39th place/gold, Albert Lea

Grant Forman, 41st place/gold, Albert Lea



Best informed greenhand

Team ranking

Alden-Conger, 10th place

USC team 2, 24th place

Alden-Conger team 2, 38th place


Team member placements

Andy Krohnberg, 21st place, USC team 2

Hailey Schmidt, 36th place, Alden-Conger team 2

Amber Hassing, 40th place, USC team two

Alex Kuethe, 47th place, Alden-Conger

Caleb Merkouris, 52nd place, Alden-Conger

Anika Hansen, 56th place, Alden-Conger

Lily Morales, 61st place, USC team 2

Elizabeth Wasmoen, 82nd place, Alden-Conger

Carrie Warmka, 83rd place, Alden-Conger team 2

Kane Purdy, 126th place, Alden-Conger team 2

Grace Erickson, 169th place, Alden-Conger



Dairy evaluation

Team rankings

United South Central, 35th place/silver


Team member placements

Konne Harpestad, 62nd place/gold, USC

Raven Suhr, 109th place/silver, USC

Kortney Harpestad, 135th place/silver, USC

Taige Suhr, 160th place/silver, USC



Extemporaneous speaking

Individual placements

Levi Kermes, eighth place, Albert Lea



Employment skills

Individual placements

Hanna Olien, 12th place, NRHEG



Fish and wildlife management

Team placements

United South Central, 27th place


Team member placements

Mark Bushlack, 60th place/gold, USC

Zach Niebuhr, 109th place/silver, USC

Adam Stenzel, 119th place/silver, USC

Isaac Meyer, 162nd place/bronze, USC




Team placements

USC, 20th place/silver


Team member placements

Kendra Schultz, 48th place/gold, USC

Emily Mandler, 67th place/silver, USC

Lizzy Baird, 101st place/silver, USC

Madison Loegering, 103rd place/silver, USC




Team placements

Albert Lea, 40th place/bronze


Team member placements

Tanner Darbo, 58th place/silver, Albert Lea



Horse evaluation

Team placements

Alden-Conger, 17th place/gold


Team member placements

Sierra Babcock, 24th place/gold, Alden-Conger

Hanna Wach, 51st place/gold, Alden-Conger

Sage Rickert, 119th place/silver, Alden-Conger

Maverick Babcock, 161st place/bronze, Alden-Conger



Livestock evaluation

Individual placements

Gavin Sonnek, sixth place, USC


Team rankings

Alden-Conger, 15th place/gold

USC, 22nd place/silver


Team member placements

Gavin Sonnek, sixth place/gold, USC

Logan Sailor, 57th place/gold, Alden-Conger

Ryan Hansen, 63rd place/gold, Alden-Conger

Brett Neel, 67th place/gold, Alden-Conger

Sydney Chicos, 83rd place/gold, Alden-Conger

Levi Thisius, 105th place/silver, USC

Sean Doyle, 112th place/silver, USC

Trent Stevermer, 161st place/silver, USC



Meats evaluation and technology

Team rankings

USC, 24th place/bronze


Team member placements

Carson Wegner, 73rd place/silver, USC

Ben Bias, 89th place/bronze, USC

Jacob Cory, 97th place/bronze, USC



Milk quality and products

Team rankings

Alden-Conger, 19th place/silver

USC, 45th place/bronze


Team member placements

Latrell Larson, 37th place/gold, Alden-Conger

Trevor Kuethe, 58th place/silver, Alden-Conger

Daylyn Huper, 114th place/bronze, USC

Kane Purdy, 118th place/bronze, Alden-Conger

Emma Beyer, 153rd place/bronze, USC

Masyn Elvebak, 165th place/bronze, USC



Nursery and landscape

Individual placements

George Bias, 10th place, USC


Team placements

USC, 12th place/gold


Team member placements

George Bias, 10th place/gold, USC

Jacob Stevermer, 60th place/silver, USC

Aaron Schaper, 86th place/silver, USC

Kameron Lutteke, 106th place/bronze, USC



Small animals

Individual placements

Kristen Hubbard, fifth place/USC


Team rankings

USC, sixth place/gold


Team member rankings

Kristen Hubbard, fifth place/gold, USC

Ashley Hassing, 47th place/gold, USC

Josie Schumann, 51st place/gold, USC

Lydia Niebuhr, 110th place/silver, USC




Individual rankings

Brayden Schultz, fourth place, USC


Team rankings

USC, fifth place


Team member rankings

Brayden Schultz, fourth place/gold, USC

Joe Bushlack, 30th place/gold, USC

Hailey Warmka, 31st place/gold, USC

Blake Legred, 36th place/gold, USC

Gage Sailor, 64th place/silver, Alden-Conger

Caleb Merkouris, 101st place/silver, Alden-Conger

Ethan Drescher, 129th place/bronze, Alden-Conger

Caleb Sorenson, 153rd place/bronze, Alden-Conger




Individual placements

Solveig Stafford, vocal solo, regional finalist/bronze, NRHEG



2018 Proficiency Award winners

Beef production placement

Levi Thisius, first place, USC


Diversified agricultural production

Trent Stevermer, first place, USC

Jacob Stevermer, third place, USC


Fiber and oil crop production

Brayden Schultz, second place, USC


Goat production

Emily Mandler, third place, USC


Grain production placement

Brayden Schultz, first place, USC


Landscape management

Mark Bushlack, first place, USC


Nursery operations

Emma Beyer, third place, USC



Minnesota FFA star production placement

Brayden Schultz, USC



Minnesota FFA star in agri business

Andy Schultz, USC



State degree recipients

Albert Lea

Kevin Smeby

Allyson Stanek

Levi Wicks



Trevor Kuethe

Brett Neel



Nicole Allison

Halee Miller



Lacey Nelson

Hanna Olien



George Bias

Chloe Bushlack

Joe Bushlack

Sean Doyle

Kortney Harpestad

Blake Legred

Maddie Loegering

Kameron Lutteke

Andrew Schultz

Brayden Schultz

Raven Suhr

Hailey Warmka





Elizabeth Karl

Tiara Malakowsky



National chapter

Alden-Conger, superior rating



Chapter Award

85 Percent of agricultural students are FFA members




Minnesota FFA alumni summer conference scholarships

Emma Beyer, USC

Daylyn Huper, USC