Editorial: Thank you for investing in local journalism

Published 8:44 pm Thursday, June 28, 2018

It has been a little over a month since the Tribune announced the new paywall system on our website, which requires readers to have a subscription to view more than 10 stories a month.

Seeing the numbers of people who have signed up for the website, which also comes with our new E-edition, is proof that this community cares about strong local journalism and this newspaper.

We thank you.

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It is one of our primary goals to help you be informed of things happening in our community. Whether it’s an event, a local government meeting, a court hearing, a motor vehicle crash or a sports game, our journalists work to always spread the truth and aim to provide you with more in-depth coverage than you can find anywhere else.

We hope the knowledge we share helps you make wise choices, whether it be about personal safety, opportunities available in the community or on issues such as which candidates to vote for in the upcoming election.

We pledge each day to stand up for you, our readers.