Letter: Entire city is being hurt by Mayo’s decision

Published 8:29 pm Friday, June 1, 2018

Editor’s note: This author initially sent the following letter in to Mayo Clinic Health System in Albert Lea but granted the Tribune permission to run it here as a letter to the editor.


To whom it may concern:

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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give to your organization. However, even if I had the funds, after what you are doing to Albert Lea I would never give a dime. Closing my hometown hospital, taking many jobs from my friends, giving many of my friends (my age of 89) not knowing what to do in case of emergency. They cannot drive those miles to Austin. By the way, they don’t drive there for their ice cream cones.

This is not only just for the hospital, but the entire city is being hurt. People don’t move to a city without a hospital. Businesses close, property goes down, the mode of a city goes down.

I am so proud of the many citizens who have put forth so much effort to “Save Our Hospital.” It should make your powers to be feel pretty ashamed. On second thought, they have only one thought, money money.

Thanks again for giving me the chance to tell you what I think of you. My deceased husband, Ray, and I have left many thousands of dollars at Mayo Rochester and Albert Lea.

I have now moved to Arkansas to be near my family, but my heart is in Albert Lea.

Beverly McMullin

Springdale, Arkansas