Letter: Real story wasn’t told in newspaper

Published 7:37 pm Tuesday, June 12, 2018

I want to tell you a story that you don’t seem to want to print. We have a business person who had 10 skunks that got under his building because Kim Jameson feeds cats in two locations close to his building. You know what a skunk smells like. Well, he gets to smell that all the time now because it just doesn’t go away.

We have another business owner who took a customer out to see a piece of equipment he wanted to sell, and what does he find but a towel under his equipment with cat dishes with food and milk in them — just what he wants his customer to see. We have a 72-year-old lady who was smelling skunk, so she got a live trap to see if she could catch it. In two weeks she got two skunks, a possum, a rat and two cats, which were taken by Kim, plus the cage that didn’t belong to her. A county deputy was called, and he was asked to arrest her for theft and trespassing on private property. The deputy retrieved the cage but would not do anything about the theft.

People do not want food for cats put on their property. If you feel we are wrong to want to stop this and the varmints that are coming into town and can harm our kids and residents, please feel free to give your names to Kim, so she can put the food on your yards everyday. It isn’t fair of you to pick and choose what you put in your articles. I always thought a reporter was to be fair and tell all sides and not try to sell papers by being one who just wants a story told that isn’t checked out as well as it should be. We have tried to solve this for a long time, but until you have walked in our shoes, don’t be so quick to judge. All we want to do is protect our kids and the people in town from harm. We could tell story after story, but you don’t seem to want to hear them. So I will leave you with this. Come and walk in our shoes for awhile. You might just see what it is all about. 

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Linda Pederson

Hartland City Council