Letter: Time for mayor, city council of Hartland to resign

Published 7:37 pm Monday, June 4, 2018

Given the recent information shared by Sheriff Freitag on how the mayor of Hartland intended to handle her city’s stray and feral cat issues in a very violent and disturbing way and the fact that many cats, including two family pets, have disappeared from Hartland without a trace, I feel it is time for all of us to demand the mayor and city council of Hartland resign immediately. This is an abuse of the positions held by these people and it is also an abuse of the power that comes with these positions. A family in this community has been bullied, and in my opinion, if you are a person who has cats, this is not a safe community for you to live in. It is time to get a mayor and city council in Hartland who can humanely and compassionately deal with their animal issues. I find it deeply disturbing that violence is promoted as a solution to a problem in this community. What kind of message does that send to our young people? It’s 2018 — we can do better than this. It’s time to demand Mayor Deb Flatness and the city council of Hartland resign immediately.

Dee Amberg


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