Letter: Trump is only man capable of cleaning up mess

Published 7:34 pm Tuesday, June 26, 2018

America is no longer a shining beacon on a high hill — it has become as corrupt as any third-world nation. This corruption permeates nearly every nook and cranny of Congress and extends to the upper echelons of many government agencies. This fact alone will destroy our democracy.

The seeds of many of our current problems were sown during the depths of the Great Depression. Instead of providing a helping hand to the needy, welfare has become a generational way life.

Welfare is the new slavery. The message is “Vote for us. We will take care of you.” Taking from the rich and giving to the poor has never worked. What the poor do not earn, they do not appreciate.

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What can be done? There are those we must care for. For the rest, work requirements must be established if you are able-bodied and sound of mind, you must spend some time doing community service to qualify for assistance.

Half of all Americans receive some type of public assistance. Yet businesses desperately need employees. Drug testing everyone receiving public assistance should be mandatory. Why should my tax dollars support someone’s drug habit?

We are constantly being told that Social Security is running out of money, but have you ever heard a politician state “Welfare is running out of money?”

Capitalism is the foundation America was built on. Yet the majority of the instructors in our schools believe capitalism is evil and espouse socialism as an alternative. Young people are lapping up this message — their esteemed instructors fail to inform them, that no socialist country has ever prospered.

Nothing is free. College will never be free — the same applies to medical care.

Someone has to pay! Public school was never free. The cost of education in America ranks among the highest in the world, yet our students rank near the bottom of the developed world.

The left is a bunch of hypocrites. They cry alligator tears about illegal children being detained, but will fight to the death for the right to kill the unborn.

Trump (warts and all), is the only man currently capable of cleaning up this mess. You may not like the way he speaks or acts, but there is no double talk or hidden agendas. He delivers. Trump is the only person with the cojones to take on the D.C. establishment.

Political hacks in D.C. have no interest in putting the American first, do not want the economy to boom, oppose tax cuts, do not want America’s trade agreements renegotiated, have no intention in resolving our health or immigration problems, wish to keep wages low and are more supportive of illegal immigrants than American citizens. Yet they allege to represent the working man.

How is Trump accomplishing his goals? The answer is simple: He loves America, is not beholden to the money men or the lobbyists that control Washington and has the courage to stand tall.

We are the deplorables! We love God, America and Trump.

Please join us.

Don Sorensen

Albert Lea