Matt Knutson: There is a season for everything in life

Published 8:43 pm Thursday, June 28, 2018

Things I Tell My Wife by Matt Knutson


“I think it is time to wrap up my weekly column,” I told my wife at the end of an exhaustive day. Between work, day care drop off and pickup, doctor’s appointments and house work, there wasn’t much left in me to write something of worth. It will be hard to step away, but I’m certain not being tied to a deadline every week will open up new opportunities in my life and for my family.

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It is truly remarkable how much life has changed since I first started writing this in 2013. Sera and I had just gotten married, lived in northern Iowa and were dreaming of what our future might hold. Soon there was a puppy, a move to Minnesota, a miscarriage, our first daughter and then last year our second baby girl arrived. In the blink of an eye, we’ve been transformed into adults who have two little ones depending on us day and night. There’s so much joy and so little time.

I know at one point or another I’ve written about Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. It’s a well-known piece of scripture talking about how there is a season for everything in life, to be born and to die, to mourn and to dance, to love and to hate, etc. I have a deep sense within me that it is time for a new season, and that new season won’t have time for me to write something of worth each week.

Have you ever felt like virtually every aspect in your life is changing at once? My wife recently began a new job, our housing arrangement is shifting, our daughters keep bringing home a new illness from day care week after week, and my mom is entering the final phase of her life. The only stability surrounding us is literally our family. Our strong connection protects us from the chaos, but it’s a bit baffling to look at the last month and see what we’re experiencing. I am most certain that we will look back on these specific days wondering how we got through them. But we will, of course; that’s never been questioned.

I’ve always loved to find the beauty in the midst of challenge. The other day I visited my mom, and her face lit up as I reminded her that I loved her. She didn’t say much, but she returned the same words of affection — a gift I’ll always treasure. There truly is light in all times of trial, and I’m grateful God has granted me the vision to see it when so many others struggle to do so. It’s certainly a trait I got from my mom.

There’s always something predictable that comes with a season changing. When the leaves begin to turn color, you can bet that we’re just a few weeks away from snow here in Minnesota. In most cases of life, we know a season change is coming, but we might not know the details of it. Will the first snow bring a snow-globe to life outside my window, or will it be a blizzard of epic proportions? Last fall we experienced our first snow while waiting for our youngest daughter to be born — an unexpected twist to a life-changing day. We weren’t exactly paying attention to the forecast for the weather, but we knew nine months in advance that the season of our life would be changing when little Maeva was born.

If there is truly a season for everything, and I believe there is, it might do us all some good to consider what that next season is for us. Maybe it is something we’re actively pursuing, or maybe it is something thrust upon us rather unexpectedly. Either way, we should respond to the changes happening in our lives. As I respond to this next season, it means next week will be the last Things I Tell My Wife column. Don’t fear — I’ll still have plenty to tell my wife, you just won’t be reading it each week.

Matt Knutson is a communications specialist in Rochester.