Letter: Changes need to be made regarding immigration 

Published 7:14 pm Friday, July 6, 2018

In the last two years, we have heard excess negative concerns on our current excellent reform president.

I was an eager supporter of Barry Goldwater in 1964, including states rights, less domestic federal spending and a strong U.S. defense policy.

Two areas today need special attention. The U.S. Supreme Court has freed some government workers from forced fees. Most reports on this don’t mention that comp worth and merit system regulates employment for many government workers. (Federal workers were not subjected to forced fees.)

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Veterans groups cannot take forced fees even with vets in most states having better job protection.

Free workers can better form new or different groups. Also, dues or fees are usually lower if persons can quit and join a new group if they choose.

Another area today is vetted legal migrants plans. New ideas include no government funds for migrants but private funds and sponsors for the new vetted migrants.

Illegal migrants to the U.S. should be expelled promptly. Foreign governments getting U.S. aid should provide plans for safety for their citizens. Only specialized and temporary workers should be allowed in the U.S. after full private sponsors and proper vetting.

We need total migration reform (per Senator Cotton) that ends lotteries and chain migration and starts a full merit system for migrants.

Tom Schleck

Albert Lea