Letter: Consistency, accuracy are No. 1 priorities if elected

Published 9:28 pm Wednesday, July 11, 2018

My name is Sue Tasker. I was born, raised, confirmed, graduated, worked and married in Albert Lea. My husband, John, and our two kids, Jake and Amy, live in Geneva. I am a proud wife and mom!

I have worked in the human resources management field for several years. I have a passion for people and education. I am nearing completion of my MBA. I have been very fortunate to have worked for some great companies and now I am running for Freeborn County recorder. It is time for a positive change.

Albert Lea has changed. As I listen to people who have shared their opinions with me, there seems to be a general consensus that people are disheartened — people are losing faith and trust in the community they call home. People have lost faith in city and county leadership. Instead of returning to the community after college, our graduates are leaving in masses. Businesses come and then leave at alarming rates. Even our beloved hospital is leaving. We have a newer high school with graduating classes that are the smallest numbers in years. The days of industry are gone. Our county government overspends and is frivolous with wages. We have some of the highest-paid employees in Freeborn County and beyond, yet they will tell you how underpaid they are. There are old systems in place that desperately need replacing.

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If elected county recorder, I would want to update processes immediately. Consistency and accuracy would be my No. 1 priorities, but also having staff that are friendly, courteous and fast responding. You would feel welcome coming to the recorder’s office in the courthouse. Bringing the recorder’s office into the year 2018 would also be a priority. Freeborn County is not known for its computer systems, so that would be important step. Saving taxpayer dollars is very important and should be a priority.

I would be honored and very happy to have your vote for Freeborn County recorder. My excitement and passion for people would shine through, along with my ability to manage change — positive change.


Sue Tasker