Letter: Free enterprise, capitalism work

Published 10:00 pm Monday, July 16, 2018

In response to the letter of July 12 “U.S. 18th happiest country in the world.”

Perhaps, I shouldn’t wade into this morass of half truths and left-wing propaganda, but admit I enjoy a good argument. Differing points of view are what makes America great.

Yes, citizens of the socialist countries listed appear to be complacent with their way of life. But, if they were so happy, why did they immigrate to America by the millions?

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My father immigrated from Denmark. When he arrived at Ellis Island as a legal immigrant, there was no safety net; he had just enough money to travel to a distant relative in Iowa who sponsored him. He worked for room and board for the agreed period, learned basic English and then struck on his own. He held many menial jobs, including digging tile ditches in the marsh that became Hollandale. He rented a small parcel of land and grew vegetables, which he peddled door to door. He saved and scrimped enough to buy a small farm, which he drained one spade of dirt at a time. He was so frugal he could make a nickel beg for mercy. He sold that farm to buy a bigger one and considered himself very successful by the time he died. He often commented as he surveyed his domain, “Only in America could I have accomplished this.” He was proud to be an American.

No matter what type of government you have — capitalist, socialist, communist or monarchy, you will always have a rich ruling class. Before anyone becomes too enamored with socialism, talk to the citizens of Venezuela. They now understand the dangers of socialism.

Trump’s tax cuts have created millions of jobs. The taxes these new workers are paying will have a positive impact on our deficit. There is now a shortage of qualified workers, which will increase wages.

Any discussion of cuts to Social Security and Medicare is just talk. Congress is cognizant of the senior citizen voting block and knows such action would be political suicide.

Insinuating that Trump, as president, and his family are making millions is baseless, If one wishes to discuss corruption and using the presidency for self-enrichment, lets analyze the Clintons.

Implying that the Russian and French revolutions were caused by capitalism is preposterous. Both Russia and France were monarchies. The Russian revolution resulted in communism.

After World War II, America helped rebuild a war-torn world and then negotiated lucrative trade agreements, with the Europeans. America is paying the lion’s share of the costs of the United Nations, NATO and funding of major military bases in Europe. The American taxpayer is subsidizing the hidden costs of socialism in Europe.

America’s favored nation trade agreements helped China become a world power.

China may buy their soybeans from someone else for a period, but that does not mean our farmers will be left with bins full of moldy soybeans. Other countries will come knocking on our door.

Free enterprise and capitalism work.

Don Sorensen

Albert Lea