Letter: Tips for driving without stress

Published 6:57 pm Tuesday, July 10, 2018

After a great many years of driving, I think I can help with a few tips on how to drive without stress. First — do not speed, and use cruise control whenever possible. If you are not speeding, you will do a lot less lane-changing and much less speed changing. You will not have to pass many vehicles, and only have to stay in your lane. If no one is speeding there would be a lot less interaction with other vehicles. In urban driving, pick a lane and stay in it, if possible, until it is time for you to exit, then change lanes about two miles before you need to exit. Using these simple tips will save fuel, tires and brakes. When you must pass, simply override your cruise control a bit, then complete your pass when you can see the front wheels of the other vehicle on the pavement, in the inside rearview mirror, then signal your return to your lane, and let the cruise take over again. Driving in traffic is not a race, and stick with your chosen cruising speed. I pass these tips along from experiences driving passenger cars, state plow trucks and semi-trailer trucks.

Dexter Henschel

Albert Lea

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