Letter: Why you should vote for Feehan

Published 9:46 pm Tuesday, July 24, 2018

With the primary election approaching fast — Aug. 14 — it’s a good time to revisit why I support Dan Feehan for Congress and encourage everyone to vote in the primary election.

Dan Feehan has lived his life in service to others. In the Army, he served two tours in Iraq and earned a Bronze Star.  In the classroom, he taught students in some of the most underserved public schools in the nation. Dan has served in the Pentagon as well, ensuring servicemembers were prepared for their military service as well as their life after the military. Dan Feehan’s life of service gives me confidence that he will continue to serve us when elected to represent us in the U.S. Congress.

Dan Feehan’s service demonstrates his leadership and problem-solving skills — the same skills needed to get things done when he works for us in Washington. He has successfully worked with people from different backgrounds and different points of view to reach common goals. Dan brings a joy and passion to his work that is contagious and will bring him success as he serves southern Minnesota.

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Dan will fight for those issues important to us — affordable, accessible healthcare, middle-class jobs, a strong economy and a national security strategy that keeps America safe.

Dan believes in a healthcare system that all Minnesotans can afford. He understands that many rural communities are currently underserved and will work to expand healthcare access. And Dan will fight to keep drug costs down.

Dan Feehan understands the connections between the education that prepares our communities (young and not-so-young) for the jobs of the future and the investments we must make to keep southern Minnesota competitive. Dan will advocate for an education system that equips students with the skills they need to enter the work force and Dan will back investments in infrastructure that promote competitiveness, support business and create middle-class jobs right here.

Farming and agriculture is a way of life for many of us in southern Minnesota and Dan respects that. He will work to support family farms, promote the next generation of farmers, and work with farmers to develop and maintain practices that keep soil healthy and water clean. Dan knows that means a farm bill that protects farmers with crop insurance and incentivizes sustainability.

Dan understands the place Congress has in shaping America’s role in the world — checking the executive branch, and supporting diplomats, servicemembers and veterans. Dan will work to tackle national security threats while keeping us out of unnecessary conflicts. I am confident that he will meet global challenges with diplomacy and keep us safe. And Dan will ensure we care for our veterans as we honor their service to our nation.

Dan Feehan has the record of service, knowledge of the issues, a heart for southern Minnesota and an ability to bring people together. Those qualities will serve him well as our congressman. I will proudly vote for Dan Feehan on Aug. 14. I hope you will, too.

Robin Brown

Moscow Township