Minneapolis man charged in fatal stabbing

Published 8:39 pm Thursday, July 19, 2018

MINNEAPOLIS — A Minnesota man accused of sharing nude photos of a woman has been charged with fatally stabbing the woman’s brother during a confrontation over the pictures, according to authorities.

Bruce Fry was charged with murder Thursday in Hennepin County District Court on Thursday, The Star Tribune reported. Jail records don’t list an attorney for the 47-year-old. Fry’s bail has been set to $1 million.

Apartment surveillance footage from last week shows Fry stabbing the victim in the head and upper torso.

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Police haven’t yet identified the victim, who died Wednesday after being declared brain dead days earlier and put on life support ahead of organ donation.

The victim’s sister told police that she and Fry were romantically involved and that he’d been showing nude photos of her to people. She said two of her brothers went to Fry’s apartment building earlier that day to confront him, but he didn’t come to the door. The victim was stabbed when he returned to the apartment by himself.

Fry told police he just finished a sentence for murder in another state, according to the criminal complaint. But authorities have yet to substantiate the claim. His mother, Willa Henderson, confirmed that Fry was convicted of murder in Chicago roughly 20 years ago after he wrestled with another man over a gun.