Letter: Feehan needed in Washington

Published 9:30 pm Monday, August 6, 2018

If you are ready for positive, service-oriented  and responsible leadership, then I encourage you to support Dan Feehan for Congress. He has shown his positive attitude throughout the campaign. He looks for solutions to problems, not just agreeing that we have them. When he visits communities, he often rolls up his sleeves to work on a local project. He does this not as a photo op, but to sincerely help people. As to being responsible, just ask the soldiers whose safety he felt responsible for while serving two tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Dan is the kind of politician we need in Washington. You can visit his website, www.danfeehan.com, or Facebook page, danfeehanforcongress, to read about his qualifications. But I suggest you take the time to meet him personally, and you will agree that he should be our next 1st Congressional District representative.

Nancy Bakke-McGonigle

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