Letter: How can Trump call Manafort a good, brave man?

Published 8:40 pm Thursday, August 23, 2018

President Trump calls Paul Manafort a good and brave man. He said this after he was convicted of tax fraud. Paul Manafort cheated the government out of money used for our national defense, veterans, public schools, highways, etc. This is the kind of person Trump calls good and brave.

Manafort shows no respect for our flag or country. I think he is very unpatriotic. Trump only calls football players who take a knee for the national anthem unpatriotic. At least they pay their taxes.

Because of people like Manafort, the rest of us have to pay more in taxes. I find it disgusting that the president of the United States would call Manafort a good and brave man.

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John Wojszynski

Albert Lea