Letter: ‘It’s time for change’ in mayor

Published 9:30 pm Monday, August 6, 2018

It has been a fulfilling experience working 12-hour days at the Freeborn County Fair in our George Marin for Mayor booth. One sure thing is we live in a beautiful community filled with great people. We have met hundreds of people from many different backgrounds and ages. We have been so impressed with the young people we have met. It has been refreshing to interact with so many people.

Each category of people we meet has specific issues of concern. Most of the seniors we meet are concerned about their health care, transportation, the need for more industry and high taxes. Many of our youth seem to be concerned about places to shop, fun things to do and jobs that can provide them the money to shop and have fun. Many of the young families are concerned about the need for living wage jobs so they can afford to raise their families in Albert Lea. Many of our young parents have to commute to other communities to work. Along with that, many are concerned about their rising property taxes and not really seeing the benefits that should accompany them. Another theme we have heard is frustration with the loss of our full-service, acute care hospital. A good portion of our community is very much interested in our city leaders aggressively pursuing additional health care options and providers. I would be the leader to be vocal and active in pursuing this on behalf of the people of our community, as well as the surrounding areas.

One theme I notice among the people we meet is that they understand the decisions being made in Albert Lea affect the surrounding communities, as Albert Lea is the economic engine of Freeborn County. Our next mayor must fully understand this and be prepared to be vocal and personally active in strengthening the core of our local businesses, while at the same time aggressively pursuing new businesses to strengthen our tax base.

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One way to build the core of our business tax base is to go door to door and personally meet with business leaders and let them know how much we appreciate them doing business in Albert Lea. We are glad they are here, and we want them to stay, grow and prosper. We want them to know that, if they are desiring to grow, we are behind them 100 percent in helping that happen. Along with this, we have to pursue every lead of every new company that would further benefit our community. I am prepared to serve and lead our community for growth and prosperity for all of us.

I have been amazed at the outpouring of support for my “Bringing back common sense” message. It is evident that a good portion of our community wants to see change in City Hall. A recurring message is, “It’s time for change.” I hope you were able to attend or watch the mayoral forum on Monday at 7 p.m.

I ask for your vote Aug. 14!

George Marin

Albert Lea