Letter: People in desperate need of change

Published 8:30 pm Sunday, August 19, 2018

Our heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported us in the primary. With your generous approval, we cleared the first hurdle to serve as your next mayor. A beautiful display of community support was proven as four out of six wards of the city voted in our favor. Our “Bringing Back Common Sense” message is clearly resonating with people. It was a close and exciting primary race, with only 117 votes separating the top two. This proves we can win the general election, returning common sense to City Hall. Thank you.

I want to thank Mr. Rasmussen and Mr. Severtson for their service in local government and their desire to continue serving. I want to thank Mr. Severtson for a well-run race. John is a good man who cares deeply for our community and proves this through his continual service, especially for our veterans. Thank you, John.

As we knock doors, we are hearing the vast majority of people say, “It is time for change.” I offer that change in being a voice for all. It is time for clear vision, accompanied by achievable goals, in turning around our local economy. Periodically, some voice concerns of me opposing future progress in our community. Nothing could be further from the truth. I fully support progress and prosperity for all using common sense solutions.

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My platform is simple: Prioritize, preserve and progress. “Prioritize” is focusing on the right needs at the right time. One needed prioritization is the concern voiced the most — health care. With the loss of our full-service, acute-care hospital, our community has been dealt a mortal blow. This is not dramatic fiction, but reality. The losses we have sustained, along with continual removal of vital medical services from Albert Lea, leave our constituency and economic viability at risk. With recruitment of vital additional second-care providers, health care costs can be lowered, thereby attracting businesses and reducing travel for needed medical care. Lives could be saved, and our future could thrive with babies continuing to be born in Freeborn County. Our community has organized in a grassroots movement and deserves a leader fully vested in supporting the recruitment of additional health care options. The ongoing facilitated dialogues between Mayo and our city must produce transparent answers and solid outcomes, including patient/employee transportation and ceasing removal of services.

How long will the deafening silence be tolerated? Our council and staff need strong, proactive leadership at the helm more than ever before — a leader who will not sit out this paramount juncture in our history. All eyes are on Albert Lea. Many other communities who have suffered similar losses are looking to us for leadership and the entrepreneurial model of how to take charge of our own future and chart our course. We are a strong and resilient people in desperate need of change in leadership. I am here and ready to serve you, Albert Lea. If you really want change, let us seize this opportunity for now and for our future.

George Marin

Albert Lea