Letter: Thanks for people who submitted Art Center logos

Published 9:38 pm Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Albert Lea Art Center board of directors would like to thank everyone who submitted their artwork for the logo contest and a chance to win two tickets to our Grande Gala Opening on Sept. 28, a one-year membership and bragging rights, as well as the opportunity to see their logo used as the official logo of the  Art Center. 

The following individuals submitted their own unique and special design — and some submitted more than one — and are listed in no particular order: Michael Froiland, Charlene Marley, Kathie Herrington, Beth Tostenson, Mim-Crow Reinhart, Anthony Donaghue, Darlyne Paulson and Sandy Hanna.

The board of directors voted on the designs and would like to announce that the logo design chosen was created by Tostenson. Congratulations.

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Tom Ferleman


Albert Lea Art Center