Letter: Think before saying something stupid

Published 9:31 pm Wednesday, August 29, 2018

I’m so angry at the people in Albert Lea — it just makes my head spin.

We are about to have an election for mayor. One guy wants the job back because he cares about his town. It seems the other guy has his own agenda. Vern works hard for the city, and George signs up for a city job, serves his term and then quits. For his own reasons, he tries it again and then quits again. I want a person who says yes and then sticks with the job.

George has said he already has five jobs. Wow, who is going to get short-changed here? We know the job is part time, but what part is George going to give us, and who is he going to drop by the wayside?

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Less than two months after Mayo announced the switch to Austin and screwing up Albert Lea, the Hormel Foundation gave Mayo $1.5 million to do with as they wish. Did you forget about that, George?

When you go to work for someone as a salaried employee, you can be replaced anytime, for any reason. Try telling your bosses they can’t do a million dollar or more project. They must have had a good laugh when someone said, “But he’s the mayor.” Now George there has his own church, and he is his own boss. Who is going to fire George if he says something about Mayo?

Vern could lose his job and his home, and no one in town would care. Vern was right in stepping aside, as well as Jason. Mayo would have dumped them so fast they wouldn’t have had time to blink.

Think people. Think before you say something stupid and start pointing fingers.

Your friend and neighbor,

Bill King

Albert Lea