Letter: It’s time for change to move forward

Published 10:00 pm Wednesday, August 15, 2018

It is the season of political yard signs — a season most of us do not enjoy as much as Mother Nature’s four seasons, but it is a reality of the political process nonetheless.  These signs can be an asset to the candidates vying for a particular office. It gets their name out there in public view.  These signs may or may not show the support out there for a candidate — it depends on the circumstances of why the sign is being placed on a person’s property.

The human connection between the candidate and the taxpayer is far more important to me. Does the candidate represent my values and visions for the future? Is he/she responsible and responsive to my concerns and needs? Has the candidate made an effort to understand what it’s like to walk in my shoes and how their decisions will affect my financial and emotional future?  To answer all of these questions, it takes a certain amount of time and interest in how the outcome of an election will affect our future.

If a candidate shows up at your door, he or she really doesn’t want to disturb your day or waste your time, but has made a commitment to represent the people who could possibly elect him/her to office and needs to know your thoughts and concerns. It is also a time for introductions if you are a challenger, and a time for possible explanations of your record if you are an incumbent.

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My name is Gary Hagen and I am running for the 4th Ward City Council seat. I have authored many letters to the editor questioning various issues facing the city. I have attended council and agenda meetings for years. I am always willing to listen to your thoughts and concerns on any issue; just contact me and we can try to get together.

Here is a parting thought; You cannot continue to make the same mistakes and expect a different outcome. At some point, we need new people in office with fresh ideas. They may not be earth-shattering ideas, but they will be different. I have heard it said at council meetings that “if we are not changing, we are not moving forward,” so this election is the time for change and let’s move forward and see where it takes us.

Gary Hagen

Albert Lea