Letter: Vote for candidates with shared values

Published 11:25 pm Friday, August 17, 2018

The clear message I saw from the primary elections on Tuesday was that Minnesotans are looking for candidates who will bring us together, not divide us. I know from my experience, Minnesotans are kind and caring people, even if our politics don’t always represent that. When I think of Minnesota, I think of potlucks and people mowing someone’s yard when they aren’t able to. I wish our politics could represent our compassion and ability to work together more than they currently do.

When reading about the final counts from Tuesday, I saw that the Democrats had twice as many votes as Republicans across the state. I think part of the reason for this is that the Republicans ran so strongly on fear and division. It seemed like their solution for everything was to try and scare us into hating immigrants or people who lived in Minneapolis. How does that help my life? How would their fear-mongering lower health care costs? How would their scare tactics put more resources in our schools and fill the potholes in our roads? It seems to me like we need everyone to come together to fix the problems we all face.

The only people who benefit from politicians dividing us are the small group of CEOs and corporate executives at the very top who keep raking in more and more for themselves. While certain politicians try to distract us with intentional divisions, corporate profits and CEO pay continue to reach record highs. But I think something is changing. Minnesotans want real solution to our collective problems. Minnesotans want a bold vision for how to make our state a place that works for all of our families, not just the super wealthy. I think the results from Tuesday show pretty clearly that people want candidates who will have a vision for how our state can work for all of us.

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I just hope this trend continues in November. I know I want to elect a governor and other elected officials who understand that dividing us doesn’t help anyone but those in power, who already have so much. We should ask our politicians to act like Minnesotans: with compassion and care for all of our neighbors, no matter their skin color, where they live or their religion. But it comes down to us here in Albert Lea and across Minnesota. On Nov. 6, do we support candidates who bring us together, or buy into the fear that we know some will try to use to divide us?

I know I am excited to vote this November for candidates who actually share our values and will bring us together to make sure our families have good (union) jobs, affordable health care, good schools, safe roads, etc. I hope others will join me!

Sheila Andrews

Albert Lea