Frequently asked questions about changes in Tribune printing schedule

Published 10:49 pm Monday, September 10, 2018

The newspaper has made a business decision to reorganize our structure and remove the least profitable days of publication. We will cease to produce a printed edition on Mondays. We will continue to produce and deliver news, information and entertainment seven days a week online.

This change will allow us to continue to operate at a level of profitability that puts us above outside influence and continue to produce the best local news coverage that our community can support.


Q: Why is this happening now?

A: Two major factors influenced our decision.

First, due to tariffs placed on Canadian newsprint and the effect that has had on U.S. newsprint pricing, our production costs have skyrocketed over the last couple of months.

Second, by their heavy use of, many of our readers show us a preference for reading news and information in digital form on our website and via mobile device. The expectation for that news and information is that it be published continuously throughout a 24-hour, 7-day news cycle. These changes better align our reporting and publishing resources to meet those reader preferences as we continue to do our best work to serve readers who prefer the print edition of the newspaper. Demand for both is very strong, which is good for all.

This change should position our news organization and keep it at a healthy financial level going forward.


Q: Will I be charged less for my subscription since I’m getting less copies?

A: Your subscription rate will stay the same. The cost of printing and distributing the newspaper has gone up significantly this year and keeping the subscription prices stable helps us absorb those costs.


Q: Is the newspaper closing? Is the print edition going away?

A: No, the newspaper is not closing. This change is simply a business decision that helps put our resources toward our products that are preferred by readers and advertisers and assures financial stability of the business going forward. 

The print edition remains strong and viable, but we are removing the least profitable portions of our publications.