Letter: Albert Lea in good hands with Marin as mayor

Published 8:32 pm Tuesday, September 18, 2018

I have known George and Jill Marin for over 20 years. I met them when I was their daughter, Suzie’s, preschool teacher. I have been a member of their church for nine years.

George Marin will be an attentive and progressive mayor for our town of Albert Lea.

Why? Because he loves Albert Lea more than most native Albert Leans — he and Jill think Albert Lea is the center of the universe — and because he is George.

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G: Generous — with his time, talents, resources, skills, knowledge and ideas.

E: Energetic — If there is a need, he is there to fulfill it. His unlimited energy and enthusiasm is unmatched. (Their family motto is: We don’t call in; we crawl in.)

O: Opportunity-driven, objective and optimistic — He thinks in terms of we, not me. He’s always driven to provide opportunities for growth in individuals and communities. Morin Park is still a community area because of his dedication to us. He looks to find the good, making the best out of any situation.

R: Reliable — Whether you are his family, friend or a stranger, you can count on his word, his work ethic, his moral code and his vision. He serves where many don’t want to serve — the homeless, the jail, the treatment center and youth/children’s ministries. He has fed hungry Albert Lea youth walking around town and those who come to the church knowing they can count on him. He will stand for you cradle to grave.

G: Gracious — George is grateful for even the smallest contribution in service or talent. He is a bucket-filler. One leaves an interaction or conversation with him knowing they have been heard, understood, supported and loved.

E: Empathetic — He listens to understand, not to reply. He will take even your smallest need to heart and find a way to resolve it. Excellence — he finishes all tasks with excellence and purpose. Not the easy way, or the cheapest way, but finds the right resources and the right cost. Nothing is done haphazardly.

If he has a vision, it happens. It doesn’t sit on the shelf waiting for others to come along to manage and carry out the work. Obstacles? No! Opportunities! He sees every vision to completion with his attention to detail, delegating the right tasks to the right people, and with his support and resources around the community and the world. We are in good hands. It is an honor not only to know him, but be known and friended by him.

Tiffany Chrz

Albert Lea