Letter: Charter service not reliable

Published 10:08 pm Thursday, September 13, 2018

Has anyone else experienced internet interruptions, loss of phone service or dropped calls under a Charter service contract?

I have had three instances this week of the other party being unable to hear me on the phone and hanging up on me as a result.

I have had repeated instances, usually several times a day, of an interruption of my internet connection. My phone also has no dial tone at those times. These interruptions usually last only a minute or two, but they can mean that an email does not go through, to give one example of an inconvenience one might suffer.

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When I have called Charter for tech support, they repeatedly say that everything looks fine regarding my modem and connection.

These interruptions in service have affected others in my apartment building, sometimes resulting in a cable program suddenly going on the fritz.

It appears to me that these interruptions have become common ever since the merger between Charter and Spectrum. If this is the kind of service that results, then perhaps Albert Lea needs to look into the possibility of building a municipal broadband platform — because the service we have is just not reliable enough to support and attract business to the area.

Laura Sosnowski

Albert Lea