Letter: Committed to making Albert Lea a better place

Published 11:39 pm Friday, September 28, 2018

Hello citizens of Albert Lea,

I am running for City Council for Ward 6. I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself to everyone in the community. I have been actively going door to door, trying to meet everyone in Ward 6 so far this campaign season. In case I missed you, I do have a meet and greet set up from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday at the Halverson Elementary School gym. On to the issues.

Being a city councilman is twofold. First, as a councilman, I represent Ward 6 and the issues important to the neighborhood in which I live. Those issues are many, and together we can tackle them one at a time. A lot of neighbors would like to see a reduction in petty crime: house and car break-ins and stolen property. Other concerns range from controlled intersections and lighting issues to improving overall neighborhood safety, and more. As a citizen, I put forth the commitment and work necessary to make our neighborhood safer when we were able to get some additional stop signs on Frank Hall Drive and Eighth and Ninth streets to help slow down traffic. As your councilman, I will work with that same passion and synergy to accomplish the improvements you want to see made that will benefit everyone.

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The second part of being a councilman is to help make improvements to Albert Lea. The issues with our city are not new, but it is time for a change and time to move our city forward in terms of growth and revenue. It’s time to be proactive, and it’s time to put in the necessary work to affect change for our community in a positive direction. It’s time. Typically, homeowners bear the burden of additional property tax as a source of revenue for various referendums for necessary funding for city projects. It’s time we looked to other sources to alleviate at least some of that burden. Health care is another big issue facing our community that will not easily be fixed. We know that it’s not fair and not right that our community be left without a primary health care facility. I know our current leadership is actively working toward a solution, and we need to support that effort as we collaborate for a real resolution to a tough situation.

You may contact me directly at nickforcitycouncil6@gmail.com to discuss any issues, so I know what is important to you. Please also “like” my campaign on Facebook at “Nick Ronnenberg for 6th Ward City Council” to see more of what I stand for and what I would like to accomplish as your city councilman. Hope to see you Thursday to meet you and at the polls Nov. 6.

I am committed to work for you, whatever it takes, to make our community better for all of us. Your vote on Nov. 6 will help ensure that possibility become a reality.

Nick Ronnenberg

Albert Lea