Letter: Gonda decision is not going unnoticed in Albert Lea

Published 8:27 pm Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Rochester Post-Bulletin wrote an article called, “Mayo to add 11 floors to Gonda, including a hotel.”

The citizens of Albert Lea have some feedback for Mayo Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer Jeff Bolton.

Your intention to build a luxury hotel “with the benefit of creating an intersection between health care and hospitality” did not go unnoticed in Albert Lea. Our community received a crushing blow when your institution effectively closed down our local hospital — a hospital that serves 50,000 people in and around Freeborn County. Ten years ago you swallowed $10 million (our Naeve Hospital Foundation), leading us to believe it would secure our hospital for the future.

Imagine how we feel watching you and your luxurious plans for the city of Rochester, when the city of Albert Lea has suffered such a loss.

Kathryn Ubl

Albert Lea