Letter: Keep fines in place at libraries

Published 10:02 pm Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The article in the Sept. 4 edition of the Tribune, about St. Paul’s mayor suggesting that there be no more fines for overdue books at their library, has me thinking. I may be terribly naive but aren’t you supposed to return a library book in the allotted time to avoid a fine? When you borrow a book, you agree to return it or renew it and then return it. That’s the way to avoid charges that this article states prevents families from using the library, especially low-income families/children. It’s not rocket science. They have unpaid fines so can’t check out anything else. The mayor’s attitude smacks of another effort for people to avoid personal responsibility; it’s permeating all areas of society these days. Anyone who visits a library to check out a book should be able to get back there to return the book. If there are no fines, books will be lost at a fast pace because there will be no responsibility for anyone to return one. The article indicates people will still be charged for lost or damaged items; won’t that keep them away from the libraries as well? Please, Albert Lea, keep fines in place, and teach all patrons how to avoid them by being responsible for their actions.

Sandy Olson


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