Letter: Marin would fight for Albert Lea, ask the hard questions

Published 11:42 pm Friday, September 28, 2018

I do not live within the city limits; therefore, I have no vote on city matters. But, I did own a business in Albert Lea for 40 years and was quite active in the community during that time. For years I attended City Council meetings and watched George Marin as a City Council member. He was a bit pushy at times often asking the hard questions that the city administration and other council members did not want to address. George represented his ward very well.

Vern Rasmusson is a nice guy. But what has been accomplished during his time as mayor? Has Albert Lea prospered? Among many negatives we lost our hospital. Where was Vern during this period? He was sitting on the side lines having recused himself from all discussions. Vern was elected to represent the citizens of Albert Lea and had an obligation to do so. If he could not fulfill that responsibility, he should have resigned. By his silence, he supported Mayo’s actions.

Therefore, it is without hesitation I endorse George Marin for Mayor of Albert Lea. Some have said George is too busy to take on additional responsibilities. Let me refute that statement. Over our years in business we have found that the busiest employees made the best employees. We also spent many years serving as event and volunteer coordinators within Olympic Canoe Sport, with full Olympic credentials. We found that the busiest individuals always made the best volunteers. Busy is good, not bad.

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We need a mayor who is willing to ask the hard questions and stand up and fight for Albert Lea.

I believe George Marin is that person.

Don Sorensen

Albert Lea