Letter: Rasmussen right person for mayor

Published 10:00 pm Monday, September 3, 2018

Albert Lea is changing. Our health care is evolving. Our retail is evolving. Our local economy is evolving. Evolution and change is hard. We don’t like when an old, established business closes or changes their services. It hurts, and we yearn for how it used to be.

That change brings new things as well. New businesses, new industries, new neighbors and new jobs. Sometimes we like the new, and sometimes we don’t. This isn’t just Albert Lea, but the same things are happening in Owatonna, Blue Earth, Emmons and Mason City. 

Why am I supporting Vern Rasmussen Jr. for mayor?  Both candidates love Albert Lea. Both candidates ask great questions. Both candidates want more jobs. Both candidates want higher-paying jobs for our residents.  Both candidates want the lowest taxes possible and deliver the best services that money can buy.

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I believe Vern can deliver on those wants and has the attitude and relationships to continue to guide the city.  I have appreciated the professional business approach the mayor and the city staff have taken to problems and challenges they have been presented with. They gather all the facts. They gather feedback from groups, individuals and those affected. They listen. They change when change is needed. They don’t bow to the loudest voice, but look at what’s best for Albert Lea. That best might not be what is best for the next 15 minutes, but what will be best for the next generation.

I encourage you to vote for Vern for mayor. There is much work to do, and Vern is the right candidate to be out front and behind the scenes promoting Albert Lea.

Brian  Hensley

Albert Lea