Letter to the Editor: Candidates similar, yet very different

Published 10:00 pm Monday, September 24, 2018

I’m writing about the 1st District Congressional election, the one between Dan Feehan and Jim Hagedorn.

Here’s my take: Both candidates come from families who have been in Minnesota for generations. Both have spent a considerable portion of their lives outside of the state. Both have been accused of coming back to their home district to run for office. But that’s where the likenesses end.

Jim, was born, baptized and attended grade school in the district; he then moved to Washington, D.C., where he attended high school and college. He worked in various political and bureaucratic positions in Washington for 25 years. There is nothing in his bio saying he risked life or limb or stepped out of the mainstream to serve his country. His ads say he was born here, baptized here and had a congressman for a father. Not exactly the most inspiring story.

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Dan, on the other hand, was in Washington on 9/11 when the plane plowed into the Pentagon. That event inspired him to join the military, where he served two terms in Iraq, disarming IEDs and going house–to-house searching for militants. Later, he taught middle school to disadvantaged youth and eventually served as acting assistant to the secretary of defense for military readiness.

I’ve met Dan five times now. He came back here to do what he’s always done: Serve the people. The attack ads being run against him say he is funded by Nancy Pelosi. That is not true. He refused her money and will stand up to her as well as to our unpredictable president.

Finally, Mr. Hagedorn has consistently supported Mr. Trump’s trade policies, but I’m wondering why our communities are being asked to sacrifice while the Trumps and Wall Street are making money hand over fist. Why didn’t Trump just subsidize our steel industry like China does and avoid this trade war? It would have been cheaper and wouldn’t have permanently ruined our markets.

John Hurd

North Mankato