Letter: Vote for change in 1 local race, stability in another

Published 8:09 pm Tuesday, September 4, 2018

I don’t usually write letters endorsing candidates for political office, but this is an unusual year. It calls for less than the usual reticence in public about political choices. This November I will be voting in two different ways in two different local races: for change in one and stability in the other.

Looking for a change, Terry Gjersvik gets my support this November for District 27A, for a whole list of reasons that would go on too long for a letter to the editor. Mainly, I see in him an independent thinker, who will listen — really listen — to different perspectives and carefully consider every position on issues facing the Legislature for the next two years. Despite what I expect to see showing up in my mailbox from outside funding groups, I see in Gjersvik as a man who is going to put people before party, voting based on his values and what serves all or most of this district’s constituents, not just serve his own supporters.

On the side of stability, Vern Rasmussen gets my support as he seeks re-election as mayor. As we face a problem with access to affordable health care in this city, we need someone who recognizes the challenges in solving that problem, is experienced and is going to be careful when it comes to recruiting a second health care provider. We do need other options when it comes to health care services, but Mayo based its decision on finances, and there’s no guarantee that a second system or provider wouldn’t eventually do the same. I think Rasmussen will provide that experience and cautiousness in moving ahead with any solution.

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Whether or not what I write here persuades anyone to support these candidates, don’t stay away from the polls. Show up and vote; don’t let other people decide these things for you.

David Behling

Albert Lea