Letter: When did profits come first?

Published 10:05 pm Thursday, September 13, 2018

It has become quite clear that we have a bully in our midst. Bullies are someone or something that hold another hostage for some reason or another. In a recent issue of the Tribune was a story of the meeting between our commissioners and some excuse-makers from Mayo. I believe these representatives were trying to convince our commissioners that all the moves they were making here were OK when all they were doing was stalling until they could announce the $800 million they will spend in Florida and Arizona, where all the rich retired now reside, thus increasing their bottom line. This, after getting several million from the state of Minnesota to enlarge their footprint in Rochester at the expense of health care in Albert Lea. As I have recently written, I believe Mayo no longer cares about health care, just how much profit they can acquire. Mayo has convinced the state of Minnesota to give them millions and then turn around and plan to spend more than that in two other states. It kind of reminds me of the Minnesota Twins — have the state build them a new playing field and then get rid of all the players, as Mayo did in building a new medical building and getting rid of all the doctors by cutting their pay, as many have done in the past.

I ask, when has a big profit come ahead of newborn babies or a mother’s life and making sure Albert Lea has the health care we deserve?

The care we had in the past as a viable community, we certainly deserve, despite what the bully in Rochester thinks of us: a second-class city.

James Jirele

Albert Lea