Published 9:00 am Saturday, September 22, 2018

First Lutheran Church Women

First Lutheran Church Women met Aug. 8 in Bethany Hall with Co-President Karen Hovde welcoming members. Prelude music was provided by Joan Holt. The group sang the table prayer and then proceeded to have lunch.

Sandy Narverud gave the devotion on the theme “new eyes, new scene,” which described that as we age, we see things we didn’t see while in our younger years.

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Kara Heinemann gave a presentation on the Haiti mission trip taken last spring by a group of church members and others from the surrounding area. The video showed how impoverished the country is, and slavery is still practiced there. Homes are built on piles of garbage, and animals were eating garbage everywhere.

Children and adults craved attention from mission trip members. The children begged to be held and hugged in the orphanages and on the streets they visited. The adults appreciated the washing of their feet and the soothing body lotion, along with songs and prayers. The day the group visited the poorest city with a water truck — referred to as the “tap, tap truck” — was an emotional day for all on the trip. The Haitians appreciated the water.

Members played with the children there and visited another orphanage. Job creation is badly needed in Haiti. Jewelry is one of the trades and recycling water bags into rugs and other items to be sold is another trade, but they need so much more to make a living. Even in poverty, the people of Haiti have a passion for the Lord as the group observed during Sunday morning worship. On the last day in Haiti, the group experienced some of the beauty of the country by the beach in an area away from all the poverty. This gave them a chance to decompress after all the poverty and desire to be loved they had experienced that week.

Some ways we can help are through sponsoring a child, contributing money to support the water truck, or going on a mission trip to Haiti. Heinemann thanked all who helped contribute to this trip.

Hovde called the meeting to order. The secretary’s report was approved as printed with a motion from Narverud and seconded by Bonnie Schneider. The treasurer’s report was given by Cindy Gandrud referencing the printed quarterly report. Replacement kitchen silverware and water pitchers were purchased for $754.62. The profit from the salad luncheon was $1,142.17. Proceeds will be used toward a table prayer to be painted on a wall in Bethany Hall.

Corresponding Secretary Bonnie Trampel reported a note of thanks was received from First Lutheran Church for a contribution to the radio fund. Youth for Christ newsletter was received, and a poster describing the Tabernacle Experience was also received and will be posted on the bulletin board.

New business: Bonnie Schneider announced lefse-making days will be Oct. 23, morning only; Oct. 24, all day and Oct. 25, morning only. Volunteers are appreciated.

The group sang the hymn “I Love to Tell the Story” during the offering collection. Narverud gave the offering prayer.

Hovde thanked ushers Wanda Dorman and Carol Olson; greeters Bonnie Schneider and Bonnie Trampel; and hostesses Carol Colstrup and her committee, consisting of of Linda Hacker, JoAnn Palmer, Kathy Olson and Mary Jane Pierson.

Caring and Sharing Co-Chairwomen Cheryl Moran and Bonnie Schneider and their committee served three funerals in July.


Sunday: Centennial Kickoff Celebration, 10:30 a.m. in Bethany Hall

Sept. 30: Confirmation Sunday at the 10:30 a.m. service

Sept. 30: Congregational Update, 11:45 a.m. in the sanctuary

The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Duplicate Bridge

Five tables played Duplicate Bridge on Sept. 11 at the Senior Center in Austin. Winners were John Liesen and Rick Stroup, first place; Barb Engebretson and Orrin Roisen, second place; Judy Bungum and Dave Solomonson, third place;  Loren Cleland and Dave Ring, fourth place; and Gail and Ray Schmidt, fifth place.

Five tables played Duplicate Bridge on Sept. 12 at the Senior Center in Austin. Winners were Dave Ring and Orrin Roisen, first place; Larry Crowe and Jim Fisher, second place; Eunice Michaelis and Barb Engebretson, third place; and John Liesen and Rick Stroup, fourth place.

TOPS Minnesota Chapter 979

TOPS Minnesota Chapter 979 announced its July and August division winners.

July division winners were Aisha Heard, Division 2; Lorraine Wallace, Division 3; Pat Sorenson, Division 4; and Daniel Wirkus, male.

Weekly best loser was LeAnn Jones, week one; Rose Rolands, week 3; and Heard, week 4.

Ardis Bang received a veggie shower and Nancy Jenson received a coin shower.

August division winners were Heard, Division 1, and Laureen Hohansee, Division 4.

Weekly best losers were Heard, week one; Barb Solberg, week 2; Janice Shroeder, week 3; Heard, week 4; and Heard, week 5.

Ardis Bang received a paper shower.

TOPS — take off pounds sensibly — is a nonprofit weight loss support group. There is no diet plan, but instead support from others on the journey to health and wellness. Tops MN Chapter 979 meets at 9 a.m. Thursdays in the Albert Lea Senior Center in Skyline Plaza to weigh in and learn about healthy lifestyles.