Letter: 10 standards for life in modern times

Published 7:53 pm Monday, October 22, 2018

The following standards might help one to navigate the current divisive social and political landscape of our society:

• Cherish and practice truth. Expect it from all others, including our leaders. The only “fake news” is lies and should always be contested.

• Don’t devalue human life or well-being for anyone, including journalists.

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• Don’t use social media to ridicule, point fingers, call names or any other form of bullying. That’s a cowardly way to conduct yourself.

• Don’t praise convicted criminals or sworn enemies of our country.

• Respect the Constitution. It clearly lays out rules for civil discourse and freedom of the press. Don’t think you’re above the rule of law.

• Don’t mock victims of sexual assault or those who are challenged. Your words and actions say far more about you than they do of your targets.

• Your financial status should not be a measure of your worth or happiness. No increase in earnings is worth having to endure boorish behavior.

• Take responsibility for who you are and where you are in life. You are a product of yourself. In the end, no one really cares about who did what to or for you.

• Those who disagree with you are neither your enemy, nor are they evil. Respect their right to hold differing views. The Constitution provides for civil discourse to resolve differences of opinion.

• Stand up to bad behavior at every opportunity. Those who don’t are complicit in its existence. No social or political agenda is worth the cost of self-respect, human dignity or job security. Wrong is wrong and should always be confronted. That starts (but doesn’t end) with voting on Nov. 6. Use your conscience to take control of our great country.

Michael Schoepf

Albert Lea