Letter: Another man’s opinion

Published 9:45 pm Wednesday, October 10, 2018

My response to Don Sorenson’s letter of Oct. 5 is as follows: I am a Democrat and also a Christian who has served on church boards most of my life. I attempt to abide by what I believe are Christian teachings and values. However, I was a Republican for over 40 years. That party no longer embraces what it once did. It has abandoned me and many others who were once proud Republicans.

I disagree that “many leading Democrats in this country are openly antagonistic toward Christianity.” I disagree that our schools and universities are “overwhelmed” with liberal instructors. Most university communities do vote Democratic, but perhaps that’s because teachers and professors have gained wisdom and beliefs that arise from age and analysis and life experience.

Do Republicans feel threatened by Democratic ideals? That part apparently believes that temporary tax cuts for the poor and middle class and much more substantive ones for the wealthy are a great triumph. They care not about the increase in debt these tax cuts are creating. They, who once were fiscally conservative, no longer care about increase in debt caused by tax cuts. Shortfall is blamed on social programs providing a safety net for the poor and working class. Republicans deny climate change and revel in the removal of environmental safeguards. The current administration is credited for a growing economy that began with the Obama administration — an administration that they loathe. They are silent when Trump alienates allies and applaud when he cozies up to despots. They embrace the thinking of those who oppose a woman’s freedom of choice and who believe that homosexuality is a sinful trait that must be corrected. Sadly, they enthusiastically support who I think is a truly amoral, bigoted and corrupt liar.

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Sorenson has referred to “radical policies” of the Democratic Party. Is it “radical” to believe that everyone should receive a living wage? That all should have access to affordable education, health care and drugs? That banks and financial institutions should be reasonably regulated? That a majority vote should elect our presidents? That environmental safeguards should be enacted in order to protect our planet? That corporations and “big money” should not be allowed to influence elections and ultimately run our country? That gerrymandering and voter suppression should be illegal? That reasonable gun control is a must? That women should no longer be dominated and controlled by men? That people of all races, colors and creeds should once again be welcomed and supported in our country?

I have yet to encounter any of the “radical liberals” of whom Mr. Sorenson speaks. (There are definitely “radicals” among us, however.) I would urge both Republicans and Democrats alike to review the teachings of Christ and other great religious leaders and to rethink their own motivations and actions, both political and personal. This country needs to mend and heal.

Gary Moeller

Albert Lea