Letter: Bennett has worked to lower health care costs

Published 9:55 pm Monday, October 29, 2018

When Democrats had complete control of state government, they created the disastrous $300 million MNsure website and awarded bonuses to MNsure executives while premiums skyrocketed, and thousands of Minnesotans lost their health care plans.

Since Peggy Bennett was elected, she has worked to lower health care costs, supported reforms that halted double-digit premium increases on the individual market, increased the number of health insurance choices and put an end to surprise billing so families aren’t hit with unaffordable, unexpected health care bills.

I know Peggy personally. She researches her subjects well, and she’s a hard worker. She has gone above and beyond for our area to help with our local health care issues, writing bills personally to address our problems. I want to see her back again next year, so she can continue to build upon that good work. Let’s keep Peggy Bennett as our state representative!

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Julie Hendrickson

Albert Lea