Letter: Bennett, Johnson will stand for freedoms

Published 9:50 pm Monday, October 29, 2018

Do you really want the government to take over your health care? I admit that I am somewhat confused and frustrated with selecting my supplement to Medicare because there are about five insurance companies, and each have about five or six plans to choose from. But I have a choice, I know what it costs and I know what it covers. If the government offers a buy-in plan or single-payer, will I know my costs and who will decide what is covered? Will I have a choice, will we know the cost of the plans and is it the entry to more socialism?

Why does a country with only 5 percent of the world population produce 40 percent of the world goods? It’s because we have freedom, freedom to own, freedom to reap the fruits of our labor and ambition, and freedom to have competition that brings out the best of us.

The leaning left of the Democratic Party wants to change that. We know the Bernie crowd wants to change the very way we do business in our country. We know that Tim Walz believes in that, and I don’t know where Terry Gjersvik stands. I do know that Peggy Bennett and Jeff Johnson stand for the freedoms that have made our country the shining star in the world. That’s why I will be voting for them.

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Alan Arends

Albert Lea