Letter: Feehan will be strong voice for health care

Published 7:52 pm Monday, October 22, 2018

I am very proud that our Congressional District 1 DFL candidate Dan Feehan recently received the endorsement of the American Nurses Association political action committee. I am a member of this national organization of registered nurses that serves the interests of nurses in order to also serve the interests of all health care consumers. ANA endorsement decisions are based on candidate interviews, communication with local ANA members like myself and campaign information that shows Dan’s strong support for nursing and health care issues.

The gridlock in Washington has been preventing any real improvement of our health care and health insurance systems. Too many people in southern Minnesota don’t have access to health care locally. Many must drive hours for the care they need. Rather than Congress fighting over the Affordable Care Act again and again, our representatives need to look ahead for ways to address health care workforce shortages and ways to recruit and train providers in rural areas.

Hopefully a new Congress will realize that compromise is better than antagonism and get to work on improving our health care access, quality and outcomes.

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I am sure that Dan Feehan is aware of the challenges and opportunities of our rural communities and will be a strong voice in future legislation that will improve the health care for all residents of CD 1.

Mary Bliesmer

North Mankato