Letter: Feehan will treat veterans with respect

Published 9:56 pm Monday, October 29, 2018

I am a military veteran, and I am disgusted at the ads that are being run by Jim Hagedorn and his Republican supporters against Dan Feehan.

Dan Feehan, who is running for Congress here in southern Minnesota, is a combat veteran. He has served two terms of combat duty in Iraq, searching for roadside bombs. Later, he served as an adviser in the Defense Department. He, like many brave men and women, has risked his life to protect and serve our country. And the Hagedorn campaign is running ads trying to use his years of service against him. They try to paint him as someone who is not patriotic. This is outrageous.

Dan Feehan has the support of veterans groups like Vote Vets and With Honor, while Hagedorn has the support of many large corporate interests.

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I want a Congressperson who will treat veterans with respect and understand the sacrifices we made. I support Dan Feehan because he will do just that. And I cannot support a man who disrespects veterans in his ads and in his life.

Jerry Skaar

Albert Lea