Letter: Fresh leadership needed in 2nd District

Published 7:30 pm Tuesday, October 30, 2018

I am disappointed with the direction of several issues in our county, and in particular District 2. Therefore, I decided to run for county commissioner of District 2.

As commissioner, I believe you should be a strong advocate for fiscal responsibility and accountability. Minimize taxes while still providing needed services. A commissioner also provides support, clarity and direction to the county staff. A commissioner should be people-focused and results-driven. I will provide all that, along with a fresh perspective and forward-thinking to the myriad of issues facing our county.

Our current commissioner, Dan Belshan, has been a commissioner for 20 years. Unfortunately there has been no strategic plan or forward-thinking for our county during the same period. Our county currently does not have a strategic plan. (A strategic plan is now being developed at the behest of our county administrator as I understand.) Some of the results of no forward-thinking are evident in the loss of businesses and services we have seen during this same time.

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As part of his campaign, Dan is saying that he is fiscally responsible. Yet earlier this year Dan voted for a $900,000, un-budgeted resolution to repave a 2-mile section of Freeborn County Road 49 that is not in his district, services three homes and has a minimal amount of traffic. Dan then voted against a resolution to fund the same resolution to pave County Road 49. Dan’s votes created a dilemma for the county, board of commissioners, administration and departmental staff with an unfunded requirement. These votes are not in the best interests of District 2 constituents or the county as a whole. In fact, they are confusing and lack the clarity of direction that commissioners are elected to provide.

Dan says he supports/helps small business “to have less hassle to operate.” However, last month, a business was before the board of commissioners requesting a conditional permit to install a new telecommunications facility. The business met all permit requirements, and the landowner had no objections. Our county attorney stated several times that if a business meets all the permit requirements the board is obligated to approve their permit request. Dan voted against the request for permit. This is not support for small business; it is against the growth of business in our county and can be interpreted as hostile by other potential businesses.

We need fresh leadership who uses facts and data as the foundation for their decision-making process. Our commissioners need to provide clear direction and vision to our constituency and our county staff.

I am a veteran and businessman with a solid education background. I embrace change, challenge traditional techniques and create value in everything I do. I am people-focused and results-driven. Bottom line, I make things happen that get positive results!

With all this in mind, I humbly ask for your support and vote on Nov. 6. Thanks!

Ken Osmonson

Moscow Township