Letter: Give Marin a chance as mayor

Published 8:49 pm Thursday, October 25, 2018

Our current mayor has served our fine city for eight years. If elected again, that makes 12 years. Too long. Give way for new ideas.

Our mayor has a conflict of interest with our town’s largest employer. He works for Mayo and has recused himself from participating in our battle to retain our hospital services. This cripples our health options and cripples our economic development efforts

Why George? First of all, he is a great guy! He loves our town and has served us as a city counselor for many years.  He has put forth a number of exciting initiatives that will greatly enhance our town. We need to give him the chance to make them happen.

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He is a go-to guy. When you need support for something that will benefit Albert Lea, he steps right up and helps. Most of us have seen him in action.  Whether it is saving our health care, saving the Edgewater Cottage, supporting Wind Down Wednesday, volunteering the use of his church building and many other efforts, you can count on him. Can he count on you? Give him a chance!

Tony Trow

Albert Lea