Letter: Gjersvik is exactly what the district needs

Published 9:33 pm Friday, October 19, 2018

I have known Terry Gjersvik for many years. In my opinion, he is the most honest, hardworking, qualified, well-rounded person for the District 27A position. He is willing to listen to all sides of issues with an open mind.

Farmer, educator, family man, business man — he has been successful in all aspects of his life because of his qualities.

Here are just a few groups who have screened/endorsed Terry and feel the same way: Education Minnesota, SEIU, Steeworkers, AFSCME, AFL-CIO, IBEW, AFCW, MAPE, Farmers Union and Teamsters.

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Here are some facts about the Education Minnesota endorsement. Both Terry and Ms. Bennett were invited to be screened by teachers from the 27A area, which includes the following districts: Albert Lea, Austin, Blooming Prairie, Glenville-Emmons, Hayfield, USC, NRHEG, Alden-Conger, Lyle, Maple River and JWP. I have been an active member of Education Minnesota for quite some time. I have never heard such a buzz among educators about a candidate as I have for Terry. I do not know if it was because Ms. Bennett refused to be screened, or that she now has a voting record educators can see that is not satisfactory. Either way, many teachers who voted for Ms. Bennett in the past are throwing their hat in for Terry.

If anyone tries to argue that Education Minnesota only endorses Democrats, they are lying. I sat on endorsing teams over the years that endorsed Ron Krause and Dan Dorman — both GOP.

Just like Terry is now, they were the best qualified candidates at the time.

Terry is inclusive; he is not divisive. This is exactly what our area lacks, and exactly what Terry Gjersvik will bring.

I ask you to join me and vote for Terry Gjersvik.

Al Helgerson

Albert Lea