Letter: Gjersvik understands District 27A

Published 9:42 pm Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Terry Gjersvik is the best person to represent District 27A. His life experience far outweighs that of our current representative inclusive of her time in office. Terry has the insightful and broad understanding of our district that comes from raising a family, farming and teaching here. His work meeting constituents one-on-one (listening), in-depth study of the issues (research), and long-standing community service (Mayo Patient and Family Advisory Council) has prepared him for the hard work ahead of him as our representative. His work in sales has taught him how to communicate, persevere and achieve goals in a timely fashion. Terry has full understanding of the legislative process and knows how to author bills, gain bipartisan support and get the work done. Terry Gjersvik is ready and will hit the ground running as our next representative for 27A.

Robin Brown

Moscow Township

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