Letter: Klobuchar has a double standard

Published 8:22 pm Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Amy Klobuchar is supporting Keith Ellison for Minnesota state attorney general.

I am in possession of a posted law enforcement photo showing injuries claimed by a former girlfriend who names Mr. Ellison. The white of her right eye is blood red, and her face and neck are black with bruises.

The speech given by Sen. Klobuchar this week on the Senate floor showed her with anger, derision and a snarl as she denounced candidate Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court judge. Nothing has been found that in any way will mar Judge Kavanaugh’s reputation for the position on our country’s Supreme Court. Hundreds of his female employees, friends and workplace women have come to his defense. Not one person in his many years of service to our nation has come with a complaint of sexual indecency.

It’s time Minnesotans take a close look at the discrepancy on the part of Ms. Klobuchar, who evidently has a double standard due to her political bias. Vote for Doug Wardlow for Minnesota state attorney general. It’s also time to vote for Jim Newberger to replace Klobuchar.

Carol Bybee

Albert Lea