Letter: Leader needed who will work across aisle

Published 7:51 pm Monday, October 22, 2018

I am voting for Terry Gjersvik on Nov. 6 because Terry is the best choice to represent all of us in 27A.

Terry knows our community well. He was born and raised here in Albert Lea. He currently has a farm just outside Manchester. When he talks to voters, Terry generally does a lot more listening than talking because he takes the privilege of representing us seriously. He wants to know what we care about and what our struggles are so that he can best address the needs of all of us.

As your representative, Terry will focus on providing access to affordable health care. He will work hard to increase the availability of quality child care and ensure access to quality senior services. His agenda includes creating a healthy environment for job growth and preparing students for the real jobs of today and tomorrow.

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Many of us are sick and tired of the polarization in politics. We want our elected officials to quit squabbling and get things done. Terry vows to build relationships across the aisle. Instead of concerning himself with party politics, Terry will vote based on the merits of the bill and how it will impact his constituents back home.

It seems that everyone I talk to says Peggy Bennett is nice person. I wholeheartedly agree. Looking at Peggy’s voting record, I am concerned that she doesn’t understand the needs and values of 27A. Peggy Bennett voted against subsidies for renewable energy, despite the facts that we need more good-paying jobs in this area and that many farmers count on wind turbines as a means to make ends meet. As a teacher, I understand and value the importance of early learning. It was surprising to me that Peggy voted to eliminate funding for pre-kindergarten classes, especially when many Albert Lea families have come to depend on this. Peggy was among only 33 representatives who voted against a meager 2 percent raise for our hard-working public employees (even when this raise doesn’t keep up with inflation). Peggy is a wonderful member of our community; unfortunately, she just isn’t the right fit for 27A.

We need a representative who knows our community and who has listened to our struggles and our dreams for the future. We need a leader who will work across the aisle to pass legislation that makes 27A a better place for all of us.

I hope you will join me in voting for Terry Gjersvik for 27A.

Angie Hanson

Albert Lea