Letter: Marin familiar with needs of city

Published 7:57 pm Thursday, October 18, 2018

I am endorsing George Marin to be our city’s mayor. Why? I have had the pleasure of working many times with George in our community, helping with our community candlelight vigil in bringing awareness about domestic violence and survivors.

George organized a community meeting for mental health awareness. There had been suicides, and the purpose was also to offer support to the families and advocate for mental health education in our community.

George led the fight to save Morin Park for the kids and community to continue to use instead of a new fire station. An added bonus was updating the park. Morin Park is the oldest park in the city.

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George also spends time at the local jail to provide knowledge of the Bible.

George is very familiar with the city needs, as he has served on the City Council.

George is the leader we need.

Dotti Honsey

Albert Lea